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NEW! Revolutionary Fall Detection Sensor


Changing care for the vulnerable with advanced detection and alert system

Are you concerned about your elderly relatives being alone with the risk of a fall going unnoticed for some time?

Are your movements restricted due to the anxiety of missing that critical time of need?

Do you wish that, if a fall was to happen, you could be instantly alerted so you can act quickly, easing the stress of the situation for everyone?

This Sensor will change everything!

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Presence Sensor FP2 uses cutting-edge millimeter-wave radar technology, which can accurately detect the presence of people even with slight movements. This technology ensures continuity and stability of the smart device. It also has the function of zone positioning, which allows for the automation of different conditions in different zones, such as beds and tables. One space can now be divided into up to 30 small zones and recognize up to five targets (Multi-person Detection). It can also control other smart home devices through ecosystems such as Apple Home to achieve wider applications. It features functions such as human fall recognition and a built-in light sensor. Likewise, it is a great helper that can truly combine the diversity of the user's home life and realize the automation of different personalities.

Pair with the G3 camera Hub for full automation, recommended to see and communicate with your loved one to let them know help is on the way. Built in Hub for easy set up.

Ideal if you already have a home hub

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Sensor, Camera & Hub Bundle

recommended if no existing smart home equipment

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BUY NOW £199
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