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Who is Ecovadis and how is it Revolutionising Sustainability in Business


EcoVadis aims to enhance the sustainability performance of companies and their supply chains. With the whole business landscape, focusing on environmental, social, and ethical performance is crucial for success. However, assessing and improving these aspects across numerous industries and regions can be challenging due to varying regulations, languages, and standards.

Services Provided

EcoVadis offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to improve their sustainability practices. The services include:

Sustainability Ratings:  

EcoVadis provides trusted sustainability ratings, helping companies of all sizes and industries to benchmark and drive improvements.

Universal Scorecard:  

A standardised scorecard that measures management indicators across 21 sustainability criteria, segmented into four themes: environment, labour and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement.

Performance Improvement Tools:  

Companies receive detailed feedback on their sustainability practices, including strengths and areas for improvement, enabling them to enhance their performance effectively.


EcoVadis uses a refined assessment model developed over a decade, providing vital insights into risk and performance. 

This model evaluates:

Seven management indicators

Twenty-one sustainability criteria

Performance across 200 industries and over 150 countries

Benefits for Companies

Companies participating in the EcoVadis network gain several advantages.

Customised Assessments:  

Questionnaires tailored to the company’s industry, country, and size, including an AI-powered engine that monitors external data sources.

Actionable Insights:  

Companies receive a scorecard that offers benchmarks and expert feedback, facilitating clear understanding and actionable steps for improvement.

Global Reach:  

With support in ten languages and comprehensive coverage, EcoVadis scales quickly, enhancing global collaboration.

Full-Service Solutions for Supply Chain Assessment

For businesses assessing their suppliers, EcoVadis offers a full-service solution that includes:

🔘 Supplier selection strategy

🔘 Rollout planning

🔘 Buyer training

🔘 Integration with procurement processes

🔘 Regular program reviews

These services ensure a seamless process that not only reduces risks and costs but also drives substantial improvements in sustainability practices.

The EcoVadis network allows companies to leverage a robust framework for assessing and enhancing sustainability, which can significantly differentiate them from competitors and contribute to global sustainability goals. If the manufacturer or brand you are interested in has certification from EcoVadis you can be sure they are only going to help your own journey and ESG goals. 

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