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TCO Certified: A Green Light for Sustainable IT Procurement in the UK


As the CEO of IMAS and a passionate advocate for sustainability, I'm thrilled to share about the TCO Certified program—an inspiring beacon in the IT industry. Born in Sweden and recognised worldwide, this certification program assesses IT products on rigorous environmental and social criteria, providing a reliable guarantee for those in search of sustainable tech solutions.

Decoding the TCO Certified Criteria

The TCO Certified badge is not a token gesture—it's a potent statement of a product's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. The certification reviews:

  • Environmental Performance: TCO Certified sets strong rules for IT products, focusing on energy-saving and recyclability. It's not just about reducing harm but also about increasing good environmental practices.

  • Social Responsibility: TCO Certified makes sure that workers' rights are respected and fair working conditions are met all along the supply chain. This shows a commitment to ethical production practices.

  • Chemical and Emission Levels: Products with the TCO Certified label follow strict rules on harmful emissions and chemicals. This helps make our planet and people healthier.

  • Circular Design: TCO Certified products are made to last longer, be easy to repair, and upgrade. These products support a circular economy—this means they aim to reduce waste and make better use of resources.

The Journey to TCO Certification

Securing TCO Certification is a demanding journey, ensuring that only the most deserving products earn the badge. From eligibility checks and compliance assessments to onsite verifications and documentation submissions, every step is painstakingly managed and scrutinised by TCO Development. The process concludes with the certificate issuance—a symbol of the product's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

The Impact of Choosing TCO Certified

By opting for TCO Certified products, UK procurement teams can make a substantial environmental and social impact. These products are not only kinder to our planet but also maintain high ethical standards throughout their supply chain. When UK procurement teams choose TCO Certified, they're choosing a sustainable future.

Success Stories: Triumph Over Challenges

While the path to TCO Certification is not without its hurdles, many manufacturers have successfully navigated it. These pioneers have shown that with perseverance and commitment, it's possible to meet the stringent standards set by TCO Certified. Their stories inspire us all and provide a roadmap for those aspiring to make a difference in the IT industry.

TCO Certified: Looking Ahead

As sustainability trends gather pace in the IT industry, TCO Certified continues to evolve, refining its criteria and process to remain at the cutting edge of eco-friendly innovation. By embracing TCO Certified, manufacturers are not just aligning themselves with an elite group of sustainable producers; they're also future-proofing their products.


In the quest for sustainability, TCO Certified serves as a trusted guide, steering consumers, organisations, and manufacturers towards more sustainable choices. The certification goes beyond being just a label—it’s a pledge to a sustainable future.

To all manufacturers across the globe: The UK procurement landscape is transforming. Sustainability is not just a buzzword—it's a demand, a preference, and soon, a norm. I encourage you to embrace TCO Certification and let your products shine in the UK market, not just for their performance but for their positive impact on the planet and its inhabitants. The journey may be challenging, but the rewards—a greener planet and a robust market position—are undoubtedly worth it.

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