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JONATHAN NUTTALL Teams up with Beyond Procurement


IMAS (U.K) Limited, a dynamic start-up in sustainable manufacturing, has formed a strategic partnership with the established Beyond Procurement, a leader in sustainable business consultancy. Jonathan Nuttall CEO of IMAS (U.K) Limited, whose expertise in business development and sales brings a fresh perspective to this alliance.

The partnership is set to offer comprehensive sustainability services to all businesses in Dorset and the manufacturing sector in the UK and overseas, leveraging Beyond Procurement's comprehensive services and "Beyond 2030" program.

"Beyond 2030" is an innovative program designed by Beyond Procurement to guide businesses through the complexities of sustainability. This program encompasses initial understanding of where you are and how to get where you need to be, cost savings, navigating legislation, bid and tender support, exploring funding options and being with your business every step of the way to Net Zero.

For Jonathan and IMAS (U.K) Limited (International Manufacturers Association of Sustainability), this partnership represents an opportunity to provide a holistic sustainability service to both existing and potential customers, creating a reliable and efficient one-stop solution.

Jonathan, who launched IMAS (U.K) Limited in June brings a robust skill set in business development and sales, ensuring a balanced approach that combines fresh insights with proven strategies. His belief in Beyond Procurement’s commitment and capabilities has led him to accept the roles as their representative for Dorset and as a Sustainability Manufacturing Consultant.

In his role at IMAS (U.K) Limited, Jonathan focuses on enhancing the presence of responsible overseas manufacturers in the UK market. By promoting their products, he aims to reward and encourage sustainable manufacturing practices, contributing to a more eco-conscious industry landscape.

"Our partnership with Beyond Procurement is a strategic move to bolster the sustainable manufacturing arena," said Jonathan. "While IMAS brings a new and needed dynamism to the sector, Beyond's established expertise in sustainability ensures that we can offer a comprehensive and sophisticated service to businesses looking to navigate the path to sustainability."

About IMAS (U.K) Limited:

As a promising new player, IMAS (U.K) Limited is dedicated to promoting responsible manufacturing markets within the UK, helping to create a more sustainable and environmentally conscious manufacturing landscape.

About Beyond Procurement:

With a rich history in sustainable business consultancy, Beyond Procurement specialises in guiding companies through their sustainability journey. Their comprehensive "Beyond 2030" program provides an array of services to assist businesses in achieving sustainable operations.

Looking for advice & support with this green wave of change? Connect and get in contact.

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