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Global Recycling day

18th March 2024 - Our Quick Guide to make a small change - So whether you're at the office or working from the corner of your living room, you have the power to make a big impact on our planet's health, starting with the little things.

We hope this could be the spark that lights the fuse for transforming your workplace into a beacon of sustainability and recycling.

💚 Getting to Know Your Waste: Conduct a Waste Audit

Start by taking a closer look at what's in your bin. Understanding the types and amounts of waste your company produces is step one. It's like being a detective, but instead of solving mysteries, you're identifying opportunities to recycle more and waste less.

💚 Sorting It Out: Implement Source Separation

Introducing separate bins for paper, plastics, metals, and organics might sound simple, but it’s a game-changer. It makes recycling easier and more effective. Think of it as organising your closet—when everything has its place, life is just smoother.

💚 Picking the Right Team: Choose the Right Recycling Partner

Not all recycling services are created equal. Find a provider that matches your company’s needs and values, one that disposes of waste responsibly. It’s like choosing the right partner for a group project; the right choice can make all the difference.

💚 Knowledge is Power: Employee Engagement and Training

Spread the word about why recycling matters and how to do it correctly. It could be through emails, quick training sessions, or fun posters around the office. When everyone's in the loop, making a difference becomes a team effort.

💚 Think Before You Toss: Reduction and Reuse Strategies

Before jumping straight to recycling, consider if there’s a way to reduce or reuse. Maybe switch to digital files to cut down on paper use or encourage a bring-your-own-mug policy. Small changes can lead to big reductions in waste.

💚 Shop Smart: Sustainable Procurement

When buying supplies, opt for items that are recyclable or made from recycled materials. It’s like making your shopping list with the planet in mind. Every purchase is a vote for the kind of world you want to live in.

💚 Tracking Progress: Monitor and Report

Keep an eye on how much you’re recycling and share the progress with your team. Celebrating these wins can motivate everyone to keep up the good work. Plus, it shows you where there’s room for improvement.

💚 Always Getting Better: Continuous Improvement

The journey to sustainability is ongoing. Regularly review what’s working and what’s not, and be open to making changes. It’s all about getting a little better every day.

💚 Extend Your Impact: Community Engagement

Connect with local community initiatives for a bigger impact. Whether it’s participating in a local clean-up or educating others about recycling, your actions can inspire those around you.

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