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Certified Sustainable Headset Solutions by Professionals

We are thrilled to announce that CEO Jonathan Nuttall at IMAS (U.K) Limited is now a supportive Yealink Partner for Headsets, with plans to expand into their full portfolio of communication products. "Yealink is exactly the type of partner we are looking for—innovative, forward-thinking, and committed to Sustainability." Comments Jonathan.

Why Yealink?

Yealink isn't just a leader in communication technology; they're a pioneer in environmental responsibility as well. With their ISO 14001 certification, Yealink demonstrates a serious commitment to environmental management.

Why is ISO14001 important?

When a company's management system conforms to GB/T 24001-2016/ISO 14001:2015, it means that the company has implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) that meets the standards set by ISO 14001:2015. This standard is internationally recognised and is essentially identical between the two cited versions (GB/T 24001-2016 is the Chinese national counterpart to ISO 14001:2015).

What does that mean for UK procurement?

This compliance has several implications:

  1. Enhanced Credibility: Companies that comply with ISO 14001:2015 are seen as more reliable and committed to environmental management. This can be a significant advantage in procurement processes where sustainability and environmental responsibility are valued.

  2. Compliance with Regulations: Adhering to ISO 14001:2015 helps ensure that the company is compliant with many environmental regulations. This can simplify legal and regulatory checks during the procurement process, as companies with ISO 14001 certification are less likely to face environmental compliance issues.

  3. Risk Management: ISO 14001:2015 focuses on proactive management of environmental risks. This can reduce the risk of environmental damage linked to the company’s operations, which in turn minimises risk for procurers and helps ensure stability in supply chains.

  4. Market Access: Most UK and EU tenders now require or favour suppliers who demonstrate commitment to environmental management practices. Thus, having an ISO 14001:2015 certification can provide a competitive edge in such markets.

  5. Sustainability Goals: Companies in the UK looking to meet their own sustainability goals or to respond to pressure from stakeholders for more environmentally friendly practices might prefer to work with suppliers that are ISO 14001 certified.

  6. Reduced Costs and Increased Efficiency: ISO 14001 promotes continuous improvement in environmental performance, which can often translate into more efficient use of resources and reduced waste. This can lead to lower operational costs, which is beneficial in a procurement perspective.

Overall, a company with an ISO 14001:2015 certification offers reassurances of their commitment to environmental stewardship, compliance with laws, and effective risk management—all crucial factors in procurement decisions.

Looking Forward

We are on a mission to connect with more manufacturers who are not only leaders in their fields but also share our mission to sustainability. This is crucial for supporting UK procurement with solutions that are both cutting-edge and environmentally responsible.

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