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A Positive Inception: Reflecting on a Productive First Week

Following my launch 🚀 week at IMAS, I am pleased to recount the rewarding journey I've started. This week has been rich with meaningful interactions, insightful connections, and a renewed emphasis on the pressing need for sustainable practices within manufacturing. Let's explore the key takeaways from this exciting week.

Engaging Discussions and Important Connections

This past week provided the opportunity to meet with outstanding individuals who share our sustainability vision. Of note was Sue Farrance from Contingent, whose insights and passion were inspiring. I also had a chance to meet with Andrew Childers, CEO of Beyond Procurement, a leader dedicated to making supply chains greener. These interactions have reinforced the notion that a strong community is building around the principles of sustainable manufacturing.

Manufacturer Engagement and Promising Opportunities

I am pleased to report that talks with several manufacturers have been met with genuine interest in our proposition. These discussions emphasised the value of our comprehensive UK sales channel management, front-of-house services, boots on the ground and hands-on approach. Manufacturers recognise the benefit of a reliable partner who can facilitate meetings and drive sustainable projects in the UK market.

Balancing Demand and Viability

While the need for sustainability is recognised in the UK and Europe, there remains a gap between demand and the financial viability of sustainable practices overseas. Many manufacturers are waiting for a more compelling market demand to make the shift to greener operations. This highlights the important role of procurement teams in pushing for a sustainable future.

Procurement's Role Advocating for Sustainable Choices

Enterprise and Procurement teams have a significant part to play in promoting environmentally responsible product choices if we are taking climate change seriously. By limiting opportunities for manufacturers who don't adhere to sustainable practices, they can encourage a market shift towards more eco-friendly alternatives. It's vital to promote a procurement approach that places sustainability as a top priority for long-lasting environmental impact.

Turning Down Unsustainable Partnerships

This week saw me turn away business, upholding our values. I naturally made the decision to decline a potential partnership with a company that, despite its impressive product, had not committed to sustainable practices nor would going forward. Whilst this one contract would help secure the future of IMAS, I am supporting sustainable manufacturing and the importance of staying true to our values. 🎉

As I reflect on this exciting first week, I am grateful for the positive interactions, valuable connections, and insights gathered. It's clear the mission at IMAS (U.K) Limited's to champion sustainable manufacturing in the UK is of great importance.

Call to help!

I encourage all manufacturers committed to sustainability to reach out to me and join our conversation on future-proofing the industry. If you would like to find out how to become a B-Corp or get PAS2060 Carbon Net Zero Certification speak to me.

Likewise, procurement specialists eager to stay abreast of sustainable products created through responsible manufacturing, your input and engagement are most welcome. If you believe in our mission and want to lend your support, please spread the word about us to your networks.

Together, we can accelerate the adoption of sustainable manufacturing practices. Wishing you all a fantastic day!

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