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Fall Detection Alert 


Peace of Mind

Ease the stress of caring for a vulnerable individual. In today's fast-paced and costly world, affording £30 per hour for care or £30-50 per month for Telecare and round-the-clock monitoring can be challenging. Fortunately, advancements in technology have led to improved and more affordable fall detection solutions. Prices start at just £200 for the initial room setup and £90 for each additional room.

No Monthly Subscriptions

The FallPro2 Sensor and Camera provide peace of mind, especially suitable for family members who live nearby but have hectic schedules. This device features cutting-edge smart technology that monitors a room and, in the event of a fall, immediately sends an alert along with a camera feed through the app. This allows you to quickly assess the situation, respond promptly, and offer reassurance through an audio channel, ensuring help is on its way.

£200 Vs £3500

While a two-year Telecare service at £35 per month amounts to a £3500 expense and has its benefits, many families are ready and able to share caregiving responsibilities. However, the danger of a fall remaining undetected for hours is a significant risk. Our new sensor immediately notifies app users of a fall, enabling swift action. At just £200 for the initial room and £90 for each additional room, this solution offers comprehensive protection for your loved one at a more manageable cost.

Camera Hub


The evolution of smart home and sensor technologies is opening up incredible possibilities, particularly as we navigate the rising cost of living. Considering the exorbitant expenses associated with care homes, caregiving services, and monitoring systems, aging can become financially overwhelming, often placing the burden on families. FallPro2 is designed as a cost-effective and stress-reducing solution, particularly for those who are physically capable but at risk of falling.

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