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Dorset Sustainability Consultancy

Sustainability Consultant Dorset

Beyond Procurement provides cost and carbon reduction solutions to businesses, BIDs and local authorities in a knowledgeable, caring and concise manner while helping them feel empowered and giving them all the support they need.

PAS2060 Dorset

If you are a Dorset business that is starting to ask the important questions around NetZero and sustainability or you want to manage it better, then Beyond Procurement is the only procurement consultancy that focusses on profit & planet for Businesses / BIDs / Local Authorities in the UK who are ready to take action in a time of a climate crisis and rising costs. 

Developed over 15 years, Zero is a certified 12 month support programme for environmentally-conscious businesses which reduces carbon and increases profits. Book a free consultation with Jonathan Nuttall to start your own journey to net zero.

Beyond Kite
Jonathan Nuttall Carbon Coach
Beyond Procurement Dorset


Online learning to begin your journey to net zero

Perfect for Micro Businesses or those with a knowledge of carbon measurement

From £25/user

Online training courses designed ideally for micro-businesses who want to cut their carbon footprint themselves or for staff awareness campaigns in organisations under-taking their journey.

Beyond Kite
Beyond Zero



Fully supported PAS2060 carbon reduction programme

Fully supported 12 month carbon reduction programme.

From £500

Certified, 12 month, scope 1 & 2 support programme to become carbon neutral and create a Net Zero Strategic Report and Action Plan. Be guided by our specialist low carbon footprint consultants.

Beyond Kite
Beyond Procurement

Beyond ZERO

Specialist Carbon Reduction Consultancy

Perfect for Enterprise

Bespoke Quote

Specialist procurement and carbon consultancy support. Detailed mapping of Scopes 1, 2 and 3.  Supply chain, value chain, internal systems, procurement processes and culture are all modelled and aligned to your ESG strategy and objectives.

Beyond Kite

Beyond Dorset

Jonathan Nuttall joined Beyond Procurement in November 2023 as a sustainability consultant for Dorset and Manufacturing. He launched IMAS (U.K) Limited in June 2023 to provide marketing services to manufacturers who produce their products sustainably. A devoted Dorset resident, Jonathan's mission is to contribute to his local community and assist businesses in flourishing within the new environmentally conscious landscape.

As a former Brand Channel Manager for a communications company in Dorset, involved in Government and Public Sector bids, Jonathan saw firsthand how procurement was rapidly advancing towards sustainable supply chains. This area, aligning with his personal interests, led him to create a business focused on collaborating with manufacturers committed to sustainability and guiding those aspiring to be more responsible.

In 2021, Jonathan met Andrew Childers at a climate event hosted by Natwest bank. Impressed with Andrew's mission and extensive experience in procurement and the public sector, Jonathan recognised the potential for collaboration. Learning about Beyond Procurement's ambition to expand throughout the UK with the Beyond 2030 program, he was eager to lend his expertise, especially to help Dorset businesses leverage the economic benefits of a greener economy.

Jonathan extends an invitation to Dorset-based businesses interested in sustainability, operational efficiency, staff morale improvement, and overall growth. He is eager to showcase how Beyond Procurement can be a catalyst for positive change.

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